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It takes more than a school

to change a kid's life.

Kids who lead

Becoming a force for change in their neighborhood, and in their own lives

Leaders who live

In their community, working together with neighbors

Becoming connected with their community

Right now, in the U.S., 40 million Americans and more than one in five children are considered poor.

 * Only 1 in 25 of these kids will reach a 4 year college degree by the age of 24*


* The proposed Federal budget intends to cut $9B from education.

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Schools that grow


Arizona Tax Credits mean you can help for free.

Be a Hero, Help a Kid.

Arizona Tax Credits (form 321) allow you to redirect your state taxes to those in need, receiving 100% of your donation (up to $800 married filing jointly) back on your tax return.  This tax credit can be used simultaneously with any other tax credit.

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In Arizona, helping a kid can cut your taxes.